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Life Hack: How to exercise during your lunch break.


Remember when you were in elementary school, and lunch time was your favorite time of the day? It was the time when you ran with your friends and socialized the most.  

Now you may be more than happy to donate your whole lunch break to your employer. But Why? That may not be the healthiest thing for you. It's time to take back control of your lunch break and make it the most pleasant time of your day.  


Let me begin with the benefits you will gain by exercising during your lunch break.   You will gain time in your day, and you will lose weight (which can bring some of the childhood happiness back). You will learn invaluable time management skills and you will become a leader amongst your peers.  At the bare minimum, you will remove yourself from the stressful work environment.  

Lightbulb moment:

Horrible Boss.  Eating during lunch break.  Lunch Hack

When I started, working out during my lunch break, it was really to get away from a horrible boss that I had.  My boss wanted me to work during my lunch break, but even when I did so, my boss wasn't happy. Then I realized that I owned my lunch break, (my boss didn't) and I could do whatever I pleased with it (as long as I wasn't breaking the law or company policy).  

Common Fears

  • If I exercise, I will sweat, how can I feel clean again?
  • Will I be hungry the rest of the day since I'm trading eating for exercising?
  • Will I have enough time to exercise? What type of exercises can I do?
  • Will I be too tired to continue with my day?

Tips for beginners:

Time will be your only enemy, but luckily there are some tricks and hacks out there to make it all possible. The first challenge to tackle is; how to feel clean again? Specifically because most jobs will not have a shower available for you, or the only showers available may look like these pictures below:

Shower option at work.Job shower option 3


Your best shower solution: 

A portable disposable wet-wipe designed to clean your entire body such as Showerpouch is your best solution. This wet-wipe is much larger (2ft X 1ft) than a baby wipe, and is specifically designed to make you feel "shower" clean in 5 minutes or less.

Inside the pouch is a premium full-body wet wipe which contains a custom hypoallergenic, pH balanced, vegan formula formula that can remove up to 99% of body odor and sweat from your skin.  The wipe will cool you down immediately, so you can get dressed immediately after wiping off the sweat and odor from your skin. The formula leaves behind a pleasant gender neutral smell on your skin, which most people will compliment you on.  

You literally just do the following:


How to eat:

Eating is essential to a healthy lifestyle and I am not saying that you need to stop eating.  However, something light such as a salad or meal replacement shake is recommended (click here to see examples).  Eat after you have completed your workout and you have used Showerpouch to clean your body, and you have put your work clothes back on.

Eating at your desk after you have taken care of your body will feel rewarding and if someone sees you eating at your desk it will give the impression that you are working extra hard.   If you don't have a desk, and you have to eat prior to returning to your work station, then eating something light will allow you to get back in time.

A protein shake and some snacks for your break time will recommended to curve your hunger in the event you still feel hungry.  Note that your body will get used to this time of lunch and will prefer it to avoid "carb coma" in the afternoon.  You could experience an increase of energy as well.  

Preparing meals and snacks ahead of time at home is recommended. Remember that you will not have time to buy something, and you are trading shopping time to do something productive with yourself.   If you are worried that someone will steal your lunch?  Trust me, healthy lunches such as salads never get stolen. 

How to exercise:

If your job offers you a gym, this would be a good time to take advantage of it.  If they don't offer you can still do the following workouts (click here to see):  

  • Run up and down your parking lot/office stairs.
  • Walk or run around the company parking lot or around the block.
  • Run a mile around your job (a mile takes about 15 minutes to complete if you have not run for a long time).
  • Roller blade (be sure to know how already, lunch is not a good time to learn)
  • Drive to your local park to do pushups, pullups, etc.  
  • Shoot hoops or play tennis with someone. 

Will you have enough Energy:

One thing that I learned during my college kinesiology class is that your body will feel more energized when it does more exercise.  So don't be surprised if you have more jump in your step and you begin to look better than your co-workers.  

Finally, don't forget to share the benefits by inviting other co-workers or even organize the workouts for them and you will become a leader. Have a Showerpouch ready for them to relieve half of their concerns and remove their excuses.

 It's your lunch break, it's time to take control of it.  


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