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OVR (Outdoor Vehicle Recreation) Magazine: Outdoor Supply -The Latest Clothing & Equipment For Your Next Adventure  (May 2023)

I had the pleasure to meet Mark of ovrmag.com (OVR is an online platform along with a digital/printed subscription model that celebrates all things vehicle based exploration aka overlanding) at Overland Expo Flagstaff, AZ earlier this year. I really love his approach to getting "boots on the ground" to listen to the overland enthusiasts and brands.  A few months later I discovered that we were featured in there May 2023 edition under Outdoor Supply. We decided to partner and provide all patrons of Shower Pouch a FREE one year subscription to all of their online magazines.  NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!  Click this link to get your free one year online subscription.


condor ballistic

Best Adventure Gear: Condor Outdoor Hell & Back Care Package (March 2023)

Late last year we partnered with Condor Outdoor Products and provided Shower Pouches for their VIP Care Package that was given to an exclusive group of attendees at the Shot Show in Las Vegas.  The Condor gift bag was well received.  Ballisticmag.com decided to write an article on all the products.  Shower Pouch made the cut and was featured! 


Fourwheeler magazine shower pouch

Overland Expo West Arizona 2021 Product Review by FourWheeler Magazine (Oct 2021)

We are so grateful to make it to another FourWheeler magazine article.  We've made it on their Top 28 New Products from Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Overland Expo Mountain West Colorado Product Review by Outside Magazine (Sep 2021)

During the inaugural Overland Expo Mountain West event in Loveland, Colorado we were greeted by folks from Outside Magazine to learn more about Shower Pouch.  In particular our sustainability model about Repurpose and Reuse.  The conversation went so well that they decided to feature us in this article.


Rigs & Coffee - YouTube

Rigs & Coffee - Shower Pouch product review (March 2020)

Our friends at Rigs & Coffee were nice enough to write a product review about Shower Pouch and our other hygiene products.  It's amazing to hear what folks have to say and how we make their lives a little better when experiencing the great outdoors.  


Expedition Overland - Ultimate Overlander's Gift Guide (Nov. 2019)

Showers can be a rare occurrence on long trips which is why we think everyone should have at least a handful of these full-body wipes on hand. Your travel buddies will thank you! Also great for kiddos—toss some in the family daily-driver. (Exclusive XO discount will be applied at checkout.) - Expedition Overland


outdoorx4 28 issue showerpouch shower pouch article

outdoorx4 showerpouch shower pouch issue 28

Outdoor X4 (Oct. / Nov. 2018 #28 Edition)

The team at Outdoor X4 magazine discovered Shower Pouch while visiting the New Products section at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Trade Show in Denver, Colorado.  What's most interesting about this discovery, we NEVER had a booth at this event! The power of word-of-mouth is one hell of a tool.  Thank you Outdoor X4 for your review. 


shower pouch showerpouch full body wet wipe body wipe tread magazine camp showershower pouch showerpouch full body wet wipe body wipe tread magazine camp shower

Tread Magazine (Nov. / Dec. 2018 Edition)

The team at TREAD magazine R&D tested Shower Pouch. We are honored to be mentioned in the Gear Box section for products that are essential to living life off the beaten path.  Read page 21 by clicking on the image.  

Keeping Yourself Clean On The Road with Two If Overland

Two of our favorite Overlanders, Martin and Bethany, wrote an amazing blog about convenient and purposeful ways they like to 'keep it clean' while traveling. If you are not following them, you can give them a follow on IG @twoifoverland


shower pouch showerpouch full body wet wipe body wipe camping wipe fourwheeler four wheeler

Four Wheeler Magazine (Nov. 2018 Edition)

At Overland Expo West (Flagstaff, AZ), we met a young man who was part of Four Wheeler and JP Magazine.  He was going to do this crazy expedition after the expo.  We thought it would be a brilliant idea to give him some Shower Pouches to test out in the field. He loved them so much that he decided to share his experience in the Four Wheeler Nov. 2018 printed magazine edition.   



Expedition Portal

You Stink: Shower Pouch to the Rescue

Christophe Noel from Expedition Portal goes into the details for why Shower Pouch is a better alternative from other similar "adult" full body wet wipes.


overland expo west 2018 showerpouch shower pouch full body wet wipe camp shower

TrailSpinTV: Gear and Accessories Of Overland Expo West 2018

Shower Pouch was featured by these two guys who are overlanding the American transcontinental trail.  They reviewed everything at Expo West from rigs, to trailers, to tents and anything else under the overlading sun.  In this review, Shower Pouch was the first product to be reviewed. No need to skip further down the clip.  Enjoy :)



expedition overland xoverland shower pouch showerpouch camp shower offroad

Expedition Overland, The Pursuit of Adventure

Join the Expedition Overland crew as they pick up the brand new lineup of 2019 Toyota TRD Pro's along with some guests, and head to FJ Summit along the Rimrocker Trail.  Spoiler alert, Shower Pouch is used by the EO team.  Youtube link below.



shower pouch showerpouch four wheeler network camp shower overland

Goodbye to Baby Wipes, Hello to Shower Pouch

We've all gone a couple of days in the dirt without a real-water shower, perhaps even wiped off with a baby wipe or two.  Say goodbye to baby wipes and hello to the ShowerPouch.  Measuring in at 1X2 feet, it is designed to be just long enough to hold behind your back and scrub away layers of dust and grime - it even smells good!  We tried these out and were impressed (and frightened) by how much dirt one wipe could scrub from a dirty wheeler. - Jered Korfhage, Staff Editor for Four Wheeler Magazine 

shower pouch showerpouch

Review: The Shower Pouch Is a Bigger, Better Body Wipe

Don't just spot clean the dirtiest bits. Get a head-to-toe scrub down with the Ph-balanced, vegan, hypoallergenic body wipe.  Article written from a well respected website for anything adventure living, www.gearjunkie.com.  Go and subscribe today! 

Tread Magazine's editor Will Marshal * New Product Reviews

Picture this: You just finished a grueling day of mountain-biking.  You are sweaty and dirty. You stink and all you want is a fresh change of clothes and to get this fund off of you. But there is not a shower for hundreds of miles because you drove into the heart of Zion National Park to get a good look at the Milky Way. - Will Marshal of Tread Magazine (editor)



shower pouch 3 bamboo cucumber unscented

A Few Backcountry Hygiene Tips

Article written by Amy Jurries at www.TheGearCaster.com. Go check out her website and article. She writes some amazing product reviews.  



rvlife shower pouch showerpouch epic wipes full body wet wipe bamboo cucumber water conservation

How to Save Water While RV'ing

Article written by our friends @TheSimpleVenture (Laura & Luke). Please go follow their blog. They are very knowledgeable about living life in a RV full time.  Most importantly, they know how to live off the grid. They featured Shower Pouch as a way to help them conserve water on the road - not eliminate our beloved showers.  



shower pouch showerpouch full body wet wipe wetwipe shower on the go

Life Style Overland's Shower Pouch Product Review

Life Style Overland's Vlogs are a respected source for the Overlanding community.  We've become a fan for their short video series.  Subscribe to their Youtube channel and book mark their website.  You will not be disappointed.   




A Photographic Journey Through the Grand Canyon

Mandy Lea (@mandyleaphoto) is a well respected blogger, photographer, full time teardropper and overlander.  She has an insatiable desire to explore and document the beauty all around us through photography. In this blog post, she documents her hike through the Grand Canyon. On this multi day hike, she used Shower Pouch as a way to stay fresh. Read this blog to learn more about her experience. 




Shower Pouch: Scrub Your Body Clean With These Oversized Wet Wipes

If you're into gadgets and want to learn about the latest trends and technologies, www.coolthings.com is the site to visit.  



Shower Pouch helps keep you fresh for the long haul

Face it, try as you might, you can get only so clean and feel only so fresh using baby wipes to tidy up after a long, hot day on the road. - Truckers News