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You Stink: Shower Pouch to the Rescue

Amazing article written from our friend Christophe Noel from Expedition Portal.  


This Relay Team Runs on Vegan

Shower Pouch is one of the "In-Kind" sponsors for the 2017 Strong Hearts Vegan Power Ragnar relay teams.  Go check them out at http://strongheartsveganpower.org/


shower pouch 3 bamboo cucumber unscented

A Few Backcountry Hygiene Tips

Article written by Amy Jurries at www.TheGearCaster.com. Go check out her website and article. She writes some amazing product reviews.  





rvlife shower pouch showerpouch epic wipes full body wet wipe bamboo cucumber water conservation

How to Save Water While RV'ing

Article written by our friends @TheSimpleVenture (Laura & Luke). Please go follow their blog. They are very knowledgeable about living life in a RV full time.  Most importantly, they know how to live off the grid. They featured Shower Pouch as a way to help them conserve water on the road - not eliminate our beloved showers.  



shower pouch showerpouch full body wet wipe wetwipe shower on the go

Life Style Overland's Shower Pouch Product Review

Life Style Overland's Vlogs are a respected source for the Overlanding community.  We've become a fan for their short video series.  Subscribe to their Youtube channel and book mark their website.  You will not be disappointed.