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Shower Pouch

Your full body wet wipe solution!

showerpouch shower pouch sampler 3 pack bamboo cucumber unscented orange


Vegan formula with organic ingredients

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The compact design makes it easy to transport

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On the go, we got your back (6)!

What is Shower Pouch?

Shower Pouch is a premium 2' x 1' pre moistened full body wet-wipe. Designed to be used for people who live life on the go, when access to a shower isn't readily available. The formula is pH Balanced, Vegan and Hypoallergenic. Contains NO parabens or sulfates. Freshen up on your terms.

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How does it work?

1) Tear open the pouch (1 wipe per pouch)

2) Wipe your entire body with the 2ft x 1ft cloth

3) Go conquer the world with confidence! 

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More time to do the things you love!

Spend more time socializing and less time stressing. No need to run home to shower before meeting with friends. Shower Pouch is your solution when a shower isn't an immediate option. Watch the brand video!

Why Shower Pouch is the ultimate full body wet-wipe

Superior Engineering and Product Development

3-pack Sampler (1 Unscented / 1 Cucumber / 1 Bamboo)
  • Removes Odor

    With one simple full body 2' x 1' pre-moistened cloth. You can wipe your sweat away while not leaving your skin dry or sticky.

  • Natural

    Our formula is vegan, hypoallergenic and pH balanced. Consist of organic ingredients such as aloe leaf juice, tea tree oil, witch hazel and willow bark. Doesn't contain Parabens or Sulfates.

  • Three Scent Options

    Offered in 3 spa inspired fresh scents: Bamboo, Cucumber and Unscented. 

  • On-The-Go

    No need to run home to freshen up after an intense activity. Use Shower Pouch when a shower isn't an immediate option.

  • Enjoy the outdoors

    When you're in the great outdoors, feel confident that Shower Pouch can keep you clean and refreshed with no embarrassing body odor. #enjoytheoutdoors

    outdoors off roading camping shower pouch showerpouch
  • Workout when you want

    Feel confident that you can have the most intense workout.  Let Shower Pouch tackle your sweat and embarrassing body odor so you can continue your day with confidence. 

    workout crossfit outdoors boot camp shower pouch showerpouch
  • Outdoor Music Festivals

    Go to your favorite outdoor music festival to sing and dance the night away. Freshen up on your terms with a Shower Pouch by your side.

    music festivals coachella concert shower pouch showerpouch
  • Cycle to work

    Don't let a little sweat discourage you from cycling to work. Once you get to the office, use a Shower Pouch to freshen up. #cycletowork

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Product Explainer Video

Shower Pouch is the most successful full body wet wipe in the market!

Customer Feed Back

@Showerpouch / #Showerpouch

I have to tell you, I'm a Shower Pouch fanboy. They really are great. 

On my last off-roading adventure, ShowerPouch made a wonderful shower option, and on the way back I used it as an air freshner.

"...this thing is a life saver! I live in NJ but do most of my running in Philly and can't always get to a shower when I wanna go out post run. Next time you see me out for a post run vibes and I smell all fresh, just know why!"

Great product for off road overland camping

Very refreshing after some time in the woods. If you can't carry a shower then I highly recommend this as an alternative.

Post run festivities  and thank god I smell good thanks to #showerpouch ... and I legitimately feel clean!