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I would like to introduce our official Shower Pouch Brand Ambassadors.  An ambassador can come from any walk of life or hobby.  Feel free to reach out to them to learn more about their passion and how Shower Pouch improves their experience for ADVENTURE!  Shower Pouch was craftily engineered to address sweat and body odor when you live an active lifestyle always on-the-go. Welcome to the Shower Pouch family!
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Brand Ambassador: Mandy Lea
Passion: Landscape Photography
Mandy Lea is a professional landscape photographer living full-time in her offroad teardrop trailer. She travels the country seeking beautiful sights and spending time in nature. Through her photography, she hopes to show people things they wouldn’t normally see to inspire them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. She is passionate about living simply, living in the moment, and appreciating the world around her.
When she isn’t photographing, Mandy also teaches in-the-field workshops, speaks at events, and creates video blogs. She is regularly published both online and in print, as well as appearing on podcasts, television and live events.
Instagram: @mandyleaphoto
Mandy is about to embark on a crazy expedition. Overlanding from Alaska to the southern parts of Mexico.  Go follow her incredible journey! Here is the video announcement:
Brand Ambassador: Lifestyle Overland
Passion: Overland Travel
Lifestyle Overland is a family of 3 adventurers living full-time on the road in their Toyota 4Runner and Expedition Trailer. Kevin, Sarah, and their 5 year old daughter Caroline, have left the rat race behind and are now traveling across North America while documenting and sharing their story on YouTube.
This family is passionate about inspiring other families and individuals to get outside and find a simpler side of life while soaking up all the beauty this world has to offer. Kevin and Sarah are also creating instructional videos and articles to help people safely experience their own adventures in the wilderness and back through step-by-step tutorials.
You can follow their most recent adventure from the Gulf Coast to the Arctic Coast here: