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I would like to introduce our 2017 Shower Pouch Brand Ambassadors.  They come from all walks of life and hobbies.  Feel free to reach out to any of them on social media to learn how they use Shower Pouch in their perspective hobbies.  Shower Pouch was craftily engineered to address sweat and body odor when you live an active life style on the go.  Don't let the accomplishments of an intense work out or spending time in the outdoors take away from who you are.  Love your hobby and let Shower Pouch take care of your sweat and body odor.  Welcome to the Shower Pouch family!
Shower Pouch Brand Ambassador
Brand Ambassador:   Richard Issa
Passion:                          Elite Long Distant Runner

Richard Issa Bockari is creator of #RunningWithRichardIssa, a running group that invites new and aspiring runners to throw away every fear they have of running and join a fun, positive, energetic and inspiring  group. He strongly believes that everything is more enjoyable together, and wants everyone to run together, play together, set goals together and achieve greatness together! Along with his own running group, he is a member of O.P.A.C. (Original Propaganda Athletic Club), one of Philadelphia's premier Grassroots Sport/Social Communities. 
When he is not running he is hosting and attending many social events around the city of Philadelphia. Running comes first and sometimes there just isn't enough time and this is the key reason for his latest love affair with what he says is his new best friend, Shower Pouch! 
Instagram: @RichardIssa
Twitter: @Richard_Issa
Facebook: WhoIsRichardIssa