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5 Best Camping Accessories You’ll Want to Buy Now

5 Best Camping Accessories You’ll Want to Buy Now

Our friends over at Roofnest put together a guide to highlight their 5 favorite camping accessories that help make their time spent outside even better. And no surprises here, Shower Pouch made the cut.

Check out the full list of accessories below, and just try to make it to the bottom without filling up your Amazon cart. -

For many of us, fall means putting away our hiking boots and camping gear for the season. Unless you have a hard shell roof top tent, that is.

A Roofnest allows everyone from mountain bike maniacs to backcountry ski bums to just plain outdoor enthusiasts to stay outside all winter long — and stay warm and cozy doing it.

The Roofnest team has been taking our camp setup all over this year — from weekend trips throughout our home state of Colorado to Norway and Canada. Some of our staff have even been seen nesting at The Burning Man Festival this last summer!

With all this outdoor adventuring, we’ve come to terms with the fact that there are certain camping accessories that have helped ensure our travels were smooth, comfortable, and memorable for all the right reasons.

Below are our top 5 favorite camping accessories to enhance your next trip and keep you happy in the outdoors.

1. The Shower Pouch

The first camping accessory on our list is one our entire staff won’t leave home without.

A Roofnest gives you the freedom to camp wherever your car can park, so you can keep enjoying camping season all year long. But whether you’ve worked up a sweat from a day on the slopes or a dusty day on the trails, there’s nothing fun about crawling into your sleeping bag when you’re filthy.

At the same time, there’s nothing fun about lugging around 30 gallons of water on your camping trip, either. And if you plan on using some of that water to try and shower, you’ll need a way to heat up all that water, too.

The Shower Pouch is the perfect solution for every outdoor adventurer who wants a refresh. It’s a light and compact full-body wipe that you can use like a portable shower wherever you go.

So say goodbye to stinky sleeping bags and say hello to a cleaner camp trip with a Shower Pouch.

2. BioLite Energy’s Camp Stove 2 Bundle

Photo courtesy of https://www.llbean.com/

Have you ever forgotten to bring the propane, or run out right in the middle of cooking? We certainly have, and it’s a good way to put a major damper on your trip. Left with a cold meal and an empty stomach, something needs to change.

That’s where Biolite’s Camp stove 2 comes in. Designed around cooking with wood the Camp Stove takes heat from sticks, twigs, and pellets and turns it into electricity. That heat and energy help cook your meals to perfection, all without the need for gas.

With the Camp Stove 2 Bundle, you can cook up to 4 burgers at a time or boil water for that morning coffee you so desperately need. And if you thought this little stove was all out of tricks, it also doubles as a portable battery to charge all of your devices, turning fire into cell phone juice. You read that right!

Photo courtesy of BioLite Energy

3. LuminAID PackLite Max Lantern

Photo courtesy of LuminAID

Camping in the middle of the forest can get dark quickly. Without the moonlight to guide you, you’re going to need a reliable light source.

That’s why we trust the PackLite Max Lantern from LuminAID. Both compact and lightweight this little lantern has an ingenious design. When in storage, the lantern compresses down flat, making for easy storage.

With a blink of an eye, the lantern can be inflated and put out up to 150 lumens. Thats a lot of light for such a small package!

Light up your tent, cook your meals, or even take it out on the lake for a midnight swim, this lantern has got you covered with up to 5 hours of full-powered light.

The PackLite Max also comes with a solar panel installed. Need to charge the lantern the next day? Just throw it out in the sun for the day, and you’re good to go.

Photo courtesy of LuminAID

4. Igloo IMX 24qt Cooler

Photo courtesy of Igloo Coolers

We all get hungry after a day in the woods. Once we all circle up around the campfire for the night, we to eat like kings — and so should you!

However, keeping your food cool for longer than 12 hours can be a challenge while camping. One company has been trying to change this and for the right price.

Igloo has been in the cooler game for quite some time. While known best for their cheap plastic coolers, in recent years, Igloo has revamped its lineup and they’ve done a great job at it.

One of the best coolers in their assortment is the IMX 24qt. Built for the outdoors this cooler is both tough and sturdy. Large enough to carry multiple meals, it can keep them cold for more than the duration of your stay.

If you’re planning on drinking more than eating, we won’t judge — we’re occasionally guilty of the same. The good news is that the IMX 24 can hold up to 35 12oz cans.

Photo courtesy of Igloo Coolers

5. Roofnest Down Blanket

Camping in the outdoors can result in all kinds of weather conditions, and sometimes the journey can get a bit cold.

Sure, a sleeping bag will help keep you warm. But is it always enough?

Our down blanket acts like a hybrid between a sleeping bag and a blanket, providing a powerful extra layer of warmth for those chilly nights.

Made with 20 denier fabric and 750 fill-power down, you no longer have to fear the cold on your camp trips. And with a surface area of 7ft by 6ft, you can wrap yourself up and stay warm outside of the tent, too. Grab a down blanket today and wrap you and a friend up and stargaze in bliss.

So there you have it — the top 5 accessories we won’t leave home without. Did we miss anything? What accessory do you not leave home without? Let us know in the comments below.

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